5 momenti meravigliosi che non apprezziamo abbastanza

5 momenti meravigliosi che non apprezziamo abbastanza

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Everyday life contains wonderful moments of which we are not always aware. One day we call “normal” is full of rich situations meant that, at times, consider senseless routine because they do not live fully with all our senses.

Happiness is such a big word that seems to invoke only important facts or big hits. Since these moments are infrequent, we believe that happiness is only and only when this is immense. But perhaps we are wrong approach. It is possible that happiness is not in the extraordinary things, but in moments of everyday life that sometimes we let slide almost without realizing it.

The greatness of a person can be manifested in the great moments, but it is formed in small moments newspapers.
Phillips Brooks

Any day of our life is full of little miracles. It seems, however, that the very fact of being predictable daily or is not entitled to be taken into account. If we look these days from another point of view, we have the power to transform life into a chain of magical moments . Below we will discuss some wonderful moments we have at hand every day.

The first great moment of the day: the awakening

We never stop to think about how short life is. The universe has millions of millions of years, but it is up to us only a small part that generally is about 60-80 years. They sound like a lot, but they are actually very few. And most of the people realize it when it is almost at the end .

Every day of life is really a little miracle. If you awaken with a roof over your head and you have the chance to live a new day, then you are really lucky. Many do not have a home or can not get out of bed. You are alive, you have a house to be safe and health necessary to make you stand up . They are wonderful events that should not be underestimated.

Eating and nourish the body

Eating is more than just ingesting food. From time immemorial, the meal is also an act of peace, tranquility. An event during which in many cultures the deities are invoked to make their due. A moment to share with all the important people .

Eating is a sensual pleasure. It involves the sight, touch, taste, smell and sometimes even hearing . No matter how humble a dinner, it is always considered a fortune because it means filling a shortage. Sit at the table with other people can be a wonderful pleasant moment in the life of every day that often we do not appreciate.

Watching your loved one

When death deprives us of the people we love, we discover that he had left it running so many moments together without giving them the importance they deserved. It is good to remember every day of life to have next to the people we love and that time we have available to them is limited .

Seeing them live is itself a gift, one of those wonderful moments that sometimes underestimate. If you take a few minutes to watch the person you love, to realize everything that you feel for her, you’ll understand that your life has meaning, and that love is the treat that makes it beautiful .

Working to make its own contribution to the world

The work is the environment in which we have the opportunity to be productive. It does not matter whether it’s a small office not exactly known. Working is a demonstration of character , honor and dignity .

The work is full of beautiful moments of life. Even if you do not feel at ease, the fact of tolerating the routine and to carry out your duty makes you honor and gives meaning to your existence. It is at work that you draw and plan your life , for this is of great value, for you and for society in general.

Sleep to Dream

Only those suffering from insomnia knows that sleep is a real luxury that not everyone can afford. Sleeping deeply is really an indescribable pleasure . One way to take care of yourself that has a delicate balance, but that is the basis of good health.

When you can sleep and dream, your emotions are balanced, the body is renewed and, in fact, you become smarter: they assimilate more easily new content and fixes what has been learned the day before. Sleeping well is one of the small daily miracles that does not always give the value they deserve .

As you see, every day is full of wonderful moments. Many people despise them or ignore them, but that does not mean they are not important. Perhaps if you learn to discover the wonder that is hidden in these everyday moments, you will also learn to make your life much more of a routine . A life that is worth remembering and that makes its presence felt as the calm wind caressing your face.

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